Sunday, June 16, 2013

Product of the Week! - Protein Shake Mix

Since a few of my clients and I are starting our 30-Days to Fit/Summer Slim Down Challenge, I thought it was fitting to highlight The Arbonne Essentials Protein Shake Mix for this weeks Product of the Week!

Arbonne carries two flavors of the Protein Shake Mix; Vanilla and Chocolate. They also come in three forms. You can get the large 30 day supply bag, a box of 10 individually packaged servings, as well as a 12 pack of ready-to-drink shakes.

One serving of the Protein shake contains 20 grams of Vegan protein, an amazing blend of Pea and Cranberry Protein, (, as well as 20 essentials vitamins and minerals!

My Protein Powder Experience:
I've been drinking the Protein powder shakes on and off for about a year and a half now. I have to say, wow, are they delicious. At first, I was in love with the Vanilla because all alone, it tastes like cake batter. But the Chocolate quickly stole my heart. I generally have a shake in the morning for breakfast since I'm not a morning person and getting up early to make breakfast just seems silly. I can throw together a protein shake so fast in my handy dandy Arbonne shaker cup and not even miss an extra 5 minutes of sleep.
The shakes are so versatile, I can add milk or almond milk instead of water, toss in some fruit to my blender, add ice and voila! I have a new flavor. I've used blueberry, strawberries, banana, even a coffee packet, or peanut butter. 
I add my Fiber Boost in the morning to the shake for an extra filling breakfast. Sometimes I'll pair a shake with a small salad or serving of veggies for lunch. But it also makes a great meal for those days when I'm running around and have no time for dinner. Also, having the chocolate shake after a vigorous workout helps my body refuel and build muscle.

What's even more awesome about the Protein shakes? They are GLUTEN-FREE!!
The shakes have only 160 calories per serving, making them a great tool for weightloss and weight management.

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