Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Product of the Week! - Seasource Detox Spa Renewing Body Gelee

Everyone's favorite product is this weeks feature product!
I figured since it's summer and this is pretty much Arbonne's miracle item, it should be highlighted!

The Renewing Body Gelee comes from the Seasource Detox Spa line which is designed to detox the skin and hair from impurities that it encounters on a daily basis such as air pollution, contact with other people, animals and the environment. The Gelee is a Gel lotion that helps cool and calm the skin while keeping it hydrated. It's perfect for after a work out or spending time in the sun.

My Gelee Experience
I absolutely, without a doubt, love love love this product. I use it everyday and for just about everything. It smells amazing too. After a good work out, I like to massage my muscles and feet, which allows me to relax and not become too stiff the next day.
It's great for cooling a sunburn. Many of my friends have come to me with a sunburn and after a couple coatings of Gelee, their skin stops to hurt, cools, and it even helps prevent peeling!
I also have a couple friends who suffer from Migraines and by rubbing the Gelee on their temples and neck pressure points, they experience ease from their symptoms. I even discovered after rubbing my temples with the Gelee during a headache, that it significantly reduced the appearance of bumps on my skin. I found that as using it as a lotion on my body, it minimized the appearances of scars and scratches on my arms from my cats!
A friends husband uses the Gelee to calm his rashes he developed after he had back surgery. He and I quite often use the phrase, "Just put some Gelee on it!" 

Key Botanicals
  • Bladderwrack Extract - softens skin, detoxifies and soothes
  • Sea Plant Extract - antioxidant and humectant; provides hydration
  • Sea Algae - naturally remineralizes and exfoliates
  • Sea Fennel - skin moisterizer
  • Micro-Algae - high multivitamin, protein and amino acid content for restorative effect
  • Laminaria Digitata - hydrating, antioxidant; encourages efficient functioning of the body
 Stimulate, Strengthen, Support!

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