Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Slim Down Challenge!

Would you like a lose a few pounds for summer?
Would you like to have more energy and feel clean on your insides?
Would you like daily encouragement on your journey to better health?
Would you like to win some prizes of FREE Arbonne products or Spa day?
As part of my new life in fitness, I'm starting a 30 Day Summer Slim Down Challenge with some of my friends and clients! The basic rules are:

1. Start date: pick either Monday June 10 or Monday June 17

2. Drink an Arbonne protein shake for one meal  per day (or two).  Drink detox tea twice daily.
3. Reduce or eliminate for 4 weeks…gluten, dairy, sugar…processed foods.  (pick at least one to eliminate, but more if you can… the cleaner you eat the better the results!)
Contestants  will be eligible to win the following prizes:
1st place: $150 Spa Finder gift card
2nd place: $100 Spa Finder gift card
3rd place:  $50 Spa Finder gift card
The winners will be determined by greatest percentage of weight loss, from the starting weight on Day 1 and final weight on Day 30 (you can keep track of this on your Once you email back, I will send you more information about the Arbonne 30 Day Clean Detox Plan!  Our team has a facebook page set up to support your efforts and will provide delicious and nutritious meal ideas.  Our mission is to help you achieve your healthiest body through eating clean, delicious food and creating healthy lifestyle habits.
 I'm super excited! 

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