Wednesday, May 8, 2013

7-day Body Cleanse - Day 7!

Alright! Today is my last day on the cleanse!

So after running my 3.5 miles yesterday, I went out with the some of my girlfriends for girls night. We always go to Maccool's, an irish pub. I got a buffalo burger, thinking that'd be a little more healthy with a mix of Regular and Sweet Potato Fries. I didn't get a beer! Shocker, I know. Instead, I opted for a nice glass of cranberry juice. Plus, I only had one bite of an offered dessert.

Now, I woke up this morning at about 4am with unbelievable stomach pain. I was awake for a couple hours, writhing about, trying to get comfortable and cuddling the kitties. I took a couple drops of my "DigestZen" oils but it still took a couple hours before I could fall asleep. The pain was very reminiscent of my gallbladder pain (self diagnosed). In fact, as I type this, I can feel a residual ache in my side. I'm hoping it passes quickly.

So I'm finishing up my 7-day Body Cleanse. I'm still having the need to use the bathroom more frequently and gurgly tummy. I think this may actually be very normal. Therefore, I'm concluding that while using this product, in order to get the best results;

1. Do NOT go on a trip or extended excursion where you have limited access to a restroom. *
2. Do NOT eat unhealthy/fatty foods if you can help it. *
3. Do NOT drink sugary/alcoholic beverages. *
4. DO drink plenty of extra water. *
5. DO eat healthy and wholesome foods. *
6. DO continue to exercise and enjoy everyday activities. *
7. DO have a good time and enjoy the wonderful tasty drink. *

I'm happy with my results and have learned alot from this cleanse. I'm excited to see how the cleanse goes when I do it again in a month or two.

* These statesments are from me alone and not of Arbonne. Though I'm sure they'd agree with me. :)

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