Friday, May 3, 2013

7-day Cleanse - Day 2

Today is my second day on the 7-day Body Cleanse from Arbonne. It's going great. I feel good and I actually had to ration out my Cleanse water so that I didn't drink it all at once. It tastes so good! In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and getting to drink my third serving.

Last night I ran 2.25 miles at the gym in preparation for my Susan G. Komen 5k next weekend. Today, I'm not very sore or tight. I'm also not so worn out I couldn't work a full day. That's good. Oh! Last night I weighed myself, I'm currently at 170lbs. This seems to be me average over all weight. Also, I talked with some ladies in my Aqua Aerobics class and for this month we're starting a Month challenge. Our instructor has given us a calendar of different activities to accomplish this month. If we do, we get a prize. I'm so in!

My meals got a little messed up since I had to run errands on my lunch break and forgot to actually have lunch. But I got my salad and little bit of spaghetti for dinner. I did notice ...** ok warning!  this is graphic, just a warning!** .. I did notice a softening of the stool. But it wasn't anything uncomfortable or unusual. It may be due to the cleanse or even the fact that I had gluten today. We'll see how things go.

For my activity tonight, I'm going to go line dancing. The key is to try not to drink. I do love my drinkies, but while on the cleanse I really shouldn't have any alcohol. Ahh.. this is the hardest part. I'm going to have to ask Arbonne if it's ok to have a drink or two. Thank you Arbonne for The Source!

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