Sunday, May 5, 2013

7-day Body Clease: Day 3 and 4

Ok. So I did not go out to the country western bar, but I did go out to my fave pub last night. Hey, I met a really cute guy at the Free Comic Book Day event and we went out. I DID have 2 drinks, tequila and OJ but to be fair, they make really weak drinks here in Utah.
I probably shouldn't but I dont think it has affected my cleanse.
I have noticed a more frequent need for the restroom, and still some softening of stool but, nothing uncomfortable or unusual.
Yesterday I walked quite a bit, to the Comic book store, did some gardening, and then back home . After my comic book guy and I finished up at the bar, we took a little stroll around the neighborhood. I get bonus points because I was in heels and it was incredibly windy.
As for today, I ran  2.5 miles. It kinda sucked.. I mean the first mile wa a piece of cake, it's the second half that really was aweful. I'm taking tomorrow off exercise-wise, but am running 3 miles on Tuesday.
Sadly, I'm have a huge headache. Maybe I should go to bed early, for once.

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